The Virtual Student Experience

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

This year has been very different from anything we have ever experienced. I started the year virtual with the hopes of coming to in-person school during the second semester, but because of the number of COVID cases in our region, I chose to stay virtual the rest of the year. My virtual experience has been exceptional. The teachers are always willing to meet to go over assignments or tests. Although this year has been difficult for everyone, virtual school has been a success for me. I am definitely used to virtual learning and I have become a more independent learner through my virtual experience. I believe experiences we have in life such as adapting to virtual learning during the pandemic will serve to help us in some way in the future. As I prepare for senior year and college, I know the experiences of this year as a virtual student will help me as I move forward. Oakland Catholic has done an amazing job making learning seamless for virtual students and I have received excellent instruction and mentoring even while attending school remotely. The leadership at our school’s forward-thinking prior to the pandemic helped our school do better than most in navigating these difficult times. As the year comes to an end I am very thankful that I was able to stay virtual and that the option was available for me. All of my worries at the beginning of the year have never been a problem. The second semester has been just as successful an experience as the first. This is not the junior year I expected, but I have grown so much not just in academics but as a person. Having to adapt to a new schooling environment was difficult at first and took a lot of adjusting to find what worked for me. I have a new appreciation for people who were doing virtual learning before the pandemic. Even though I do not get to see my friends in the hallways or have a “normal” school experience this year, I still feel connected to OC. During classes, I am able to participate and have discussions with my classmates even though I’m miles away. I would like to thank all of my teachers and administration for helping me to get through this unique year and successfully complete it. My hope is that as we go through the summer, the pandemic will end and, I will be able to return to in-person school for my senior year. While the pandemic has helped us to all grow as learners in many ways, it will be great for everyone to experience a more normal year next year.