Under the OC = A Huge Success


Mara Wearden '14, News Editor

On Monday, November 5, early-arriving students may have been surprised to find half of the Oakland Catholic student body crowded into the cafeteria.  With the tickets selling out in minutes, Student Council called the dance a huge success a month before it even took place.
Due to some issues with previous dances, Student Council was originally worried about attendance, but the 2012-2013 Executive Board, made up of Allison Walker, Kailey Joyce, Olivia DiMaio, Andie Seabrooke, and Emma Anselmo, produced a lot of excitement and anticipation, getting others excited about the dance.  Senior Alyssa Kulmoski commented, “My close group of friends and I decided to go to the dance because of the location.  We thought, ‘Why not; it’s senior year, let’s just go,’ so we all asked dates.  Once we were released from school, we all…spent a couple hours getting ready together.  It was a lot of fun since this was the first dance we actually got to go to together.  …The dance itself was a blast.  It was so much fun to dance in a world of blue with all your classmates.  Oakland did a fantastic job organizing it.  I spent a majority of the night walking around and looking at the fish!  I loved it.  Definitely a success.”  Not only did the students think highly of the fun December night at the Pittsburgh PPG Aquarium, but those who put hours of hard work into the event were impressed with the turnout as well.  Student Council President Allison Walker said, “I think that the overall enthusiasm from the student body for an Oakland dance was the biggest success of the dance.  Generally, the students responded very positively to the unique venue and fun atmosphere…The student council is very happy with the outcome and success and I hope that in future years Oakland Catholic functions will grow from this.”  When asked how she thought the overall positivity would affect and help Oakland’s future student council and prom clubs as they plan dances, Alli responded, “Many students previously believed that Oakland Catholic dances were ‘lame,’ for lack of a better word, without even attending a function.  Due to the students’ actual attendance of an Oakland Catholic event and overall success of the ‘Under the OC’ dance, I believe that the entire student body has a newfound enthusiasm that will help fuel favorable outcomes of future events.”
Sophomore Marley Shovlin described her favorite parts of the dance as, “Dancing, eating, and seeing all the fish when you walked in.  My friends and I actually really enjoyed the entry, both the shuttle ride to the aquarium, as well as the display of fish.”  All the attendees can probably agree that the aquarium was a very neat venue and really added to the overall ambiance of the night.
A big thank you and congratulations to Student Council for successfully making history, here at Oakland Catholic.  Your outstanding efforts put into making December 7, 2012 a memorable night for all are truly appreciated and applauded.
Make sure to check out all the awesome pictures from the dance!