Honors Convocation Awardees List

National and Community Awards

Yale Book Award – Abigail Annear
St. Michael’s Award – Maria Navarro-Gutierrez
Randolph College Classics Book Award – Abigail Annear
Harvard Book Award – Emma Doerfler
Brynwar Book Award – Abigail Annear
American Legion – Alexandra Delazio and Allison Walker
Westinghouse Science Award – Sandra Dulac, Shoko Kanemoto, and Claire Ozolek
Comcast Student Achievement Award – Kate Girdhar
Tribune-Review – Alison Walker and Megan Wasson
Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium Award – Alissa Buck
Scholarship Awards
PA Certificate of Merit – Kate Girdhar and Allison Walker
Wells-Fargo – Kacy Ruffin
Kurt RY – Kathleen Mannard
Franklin Hartborough – Meaghan Baranowski
School/Department Awards
Saint Timothy Award – Mary Galiardi
Rotary Club – Olivia DeMaio
WPIAL – Kailey Joyce
Senior Art Awards – Kailey Joyce, Veronica Leffler, and Rachel Pohlod
Highest Weighted Average in English – Jessica Slain
Sister Silvanus – Mary Jeffries
University of Pitt: Argument Forum – Molly Morabito
Best Average over Four Years in a Language
Chinese – Mary Jeffries
French – Kate Girdhar
Italian – Gabrielle Means
Spanish – Sarah Pace
Latin – Abigail Annear (The average for Latin was over three years instead of four.)
Music Award – Sarah Richards
National Merit Scholarship – Mackenzie Freudenrich, Kate Girdhar, Kalyn Sigg, Madeline Runco, and Andie Seabrooke (Finalist)
Perfect Attendance Senior Year – Sybreena Bryant, Alexandra Delazio, and Rachel Butler
Thomas J.M. Freyvogel Award
Allison Walker
Oakland Catholic Award
Alexandra Delazio
Principal’s Award
Andie Seabrooke
President’s Award
Allison Walker
Danielle Harrington
Katherine Girdhar
Congratulations to everyone who received an award.  If your achievement was not recorded do not take offense. Further updates will be made so everyone will be included.