Sabrina Helbig, Staff Writer '16

On Friday, April 19, 2013, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater performed their rendition of “Cinderella” at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts. The ballet followed a similar plot line to the movie; however, the ballet expressed more creative freedom. After all, if someone is restricted from speaking and possesses no immediate means of writing, he or she has to express emotions, wants, etc. in an imaginative yet precise fashion. A bit of this expression was exhibited through lighting. In one particularly memorable scene, a blue glow accompanied Cinderella’s ballroom daydreams, while a red light later signified reality. Lighting, with the assistance of spectacular sets and props, also served to differentiate seasons and time of day. The scenery predominantly brought life to the changing seasons, elapsing time, and more. With convincing life-like trees, sparkling snow, and towering windows, the sets and scenery contributed a magical element to the ballet. Another interesting and artsy component of the show lay in the costumes. Ranging from elegant and tasteful to mismatched and disheveled, each costume fit each character’s identity flawlessly. Additionally, the live music performance heightened the mood of each and every scene. The orchestra’s lovely melodies filled the air with a sweet peace, but in an instant, pulled the emotions of the audience tense and taut. Just as the melody whirled about, so the dancers did as well. The principle dancers and the corps de ballet alike danced with such grace and skill, fostering the whimsical fairytale theme of the ballet. All of the cast members were exceptionally talented, except for the ugly stepsisters, of course, who were portrayed expertly as vain and vindictive. Overall, the “Cinderella” ballet was well crafted. I truly enjoyed the experience, which I would readily recommend for all!