Thanksgiving Food Drive

Eva Lucchino, Assisstant Editor '15

This year’s Thanksgiving food drive was one of the most of the most plentiful in OC’s history.  The school raised more than $710 worth of Giant Eagle gift cards and filled three entire school vans with all of the goods collected.  It is simply amazing what the OC community can do when we put our minds to it.

Although students and faculty may have been motivated by the possibility of a day off, what truly matters are the results of that incentive.  So many people who are less fortunate than us had a much more bountiful Thanksgiving, because of the donations that OC provided.

The collaborative effort that both students and teachers put into the drive was comical a times.  The food drive took on an almost “mission”-like context, for students would march into their classrooms and strategically converse with their homeroom teachers about how they could double the number of items contributed.  Teachers, acting like special agents, even talked to each other about bringing in extra supplies to provide for other homerooms that needed help gathering additional materials.

Despite the added bonus of an extra day off, ultimately, the aid that Oakland Catholic provided to the community was the most important aspect of our annual Thanksgiving food drive.  Congrats, OC, on a job well done!