Thank You, Ms. Jaber!

Kathryn Daigle , Staff Writer '17

While Mrs. Checketts was on maternity leave, what was her class doing? Enjoying some relaxing study halls? Watching movies? As great as those things sound, no. Mrs. Checketts’ students were expanding their knowledge with their substitute Ms. Jaber.

If you wish to meet Ms. Jaber you are out of luck. Mrs. Checketts has returned; Ms. Jaber is currently substitute teaching in South Beaver High School. She says she truly enjoyed her time at Oakland. She loved bonding with students and the entire faculty, especially the language department.

But just who is Ms. Jaber? What is she like? Ms. Jaber is a passionate, funny, caring, hardworking, and a pretty OCD person. Going to a Duke men’s basketball game and going skydiving are top on her list of the things she would love to do. When quenching her love for travel, she studied and stayed with a family in Spain. Ms. Jaber teaches Spanish because she enjoys learning and teaching things about other cultures. Which makes sense considering her family’s diverse cultural background. Most of her family is from Palestine, so Ms. Jaber speaks Arabic along with English and Spanish!

Ms. Jaber would like to thank everyone for making her time her at Oakland Catholic so very special. She would also like to return to Oakland Catholic. Thanks so much, Ms. Jaber!!!