The Student Council Executive Board

Eva Lucchino '15, Editor-in-Chief

From the amazing Picnic to crazy sock day, the Student Council Executive Board does it all!  These ladies work tirelessly to provide everyone with a great school year, so give them a round of applause and discover what you didn’t know about some of OC’s most esteemed members.

Meet practically perfect Meredith Walker; she is intelligent, sweet, and athletic!  This girl has it all, and she is this year’s Student Council President!  As Madame President, she is responsible for running the Student Council meetings, arranging the school’s major happenings (Picnic, Powder Puff Football, Spirit Week, etc.), and going to administration with the Student Council’s ideas.  She is extremely excited to help make this year one of the school’s best with Powder Puff football this weekend, the winter semiformal, and Dancing with Vikings and Spirit Week in the spring.  Looks like a year full of hard work, good luck!  Now all of Meredith’s Student Council work is fine and dandy, but what else does she do?  Let’s just go with a lot!  She is the Vice President of MAPS, a Student Ambassador, on the Sister Class Committee, a member of Campus Ministry, an Anatomy Club participant, part of Today’s Girls: Tomorrow’s Women, and on the volleyball team.  She has enjoyed “how every club has immersed [her] into different collections of girls across the student body.”  Finally, she has always wanted to join the bowling team and is proud to be able to say the alphabet backwards.

Marley Shovlin, famous for her amazing lip sync skills, tennis prowess, and dancing talent, is this year’s Student Council Vice President.  She has dreamed of being on the Student Council Executive Board, and she is fulfilling that dream as the President’s right-hand-woman.  She is really looking forward to all of Student Council’s events, but particularly Dancing with the Vikings, which holds a special place in her heart.  Dancing with the Vikings is a parody of Dancing with the Stars that takes Central Athletes and pairs them with dancers from Oakland; it is a great event that raises money for a great cause.  Marley also has her hands full with other commitments; she is the President of the Irish Dance Club (which is open to anyone), a member of Mukwano, President of MAPS, a Today’s Girls: Tomorrow’s Women participant, founder of Book Club, Sister Class Committee member, and OC Eagle Eye reporter.  In addition to her many accomplishments, she knows some sign language.

A wicked fast runner, a committed Mission Trip attendee, and the Executive Board Secretary, who else could it be, but Makenzie Zeh?  Makenzie takes the minutes of each Student Council meeting and works with the other Executive Board members to organize the school’s events; this will be her fourth year on OC’s Student Council.  The dances, Dancing with the Vikings, and other senior-oriented events are her most anticipated events for the year.  Cross Country, MAPS, Chinese Club, Irish Dance Club, Anatomy Club, Kairos, and the Jamaica Mission Trip are all other extracurriculars in which Makenzie has participated.  She also teaches CCD, works with the Teen Youth Group, and goes on mission trips at her home parish.

This year’s Executive Board President is Francesca Iurlano, one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Her responsibilities include: handling fundraiser money, tallying spirit points, and, most importantly, working with the rest of the Executive Board to make the school year a “a positive and fun-filled experience.”  Francesca is most excited for the first Powder Puff Football event and Dancing with the Vikings.  Along with putting time and effort into Student Council, Francesca co-presides Maria Goretti Club, participates in Mukwano, works on the Sister Class Committee, and volunteers at her grade school.  One of the things that she loves at OC is taking Chinese.

Mary Beth Miller, the only junior on the Executive Board, serves as its Historian; Mary Beth is an energetic and devoted OC student who loves increasing school spirit.  The Historian helps plan Student Council events, coordinates the decoration of the Student Council Board and School Calendar, and making Student Council posters.  She is most looking forward to Spirit Week; Spirit Week is a time when everyone “comes together for a single purpose and are unified” whether its during a Ultimate Football game or the Scavenger Hunt.  Student Council is not Mary Beth’s only commitment; she is also a involved with Latin Club, PJAS, Cancer Awareness Club, the Middle States Committee, FBLA, and Student Ambassadors.  On the weekends, she helps teach CCD at St. Bede’s Church, and this past summer volunteered at Camp Kon-O-Kwee for five weeks.  She is also an accomplished violinist having played for seven years.

Hopefully, you now know who is helping to make this year of high school unforgettable!  Thanks so much to the Executive Board for volunteering so much of your time and effort to serving the OC community.  You are some of the school’s unsung heroes.  Looking forward to the year to come!