MacBooks a Semester In

Claire Biertempfel ‘18, Staff Writer

“It’s not fair that Central gets iPad and we don’t get anything.” Sound familiar?  Well not anymore, on the first day of school at Oakland Catholic, every girl got a brand new Apple MacBook. The computers are meant to enhance the education of all Oakland Catholic students.  Websites like PlusPortals and Edmodo are just a click away, so one can always see her grades and homework. There’s the ability to print from the MacBook in the library, so ends the “my printer broke” excuse. There are fewer textbooks to carry around, because one can download them on her computer. All of ones documents can be organized into neat little folders, and taking notes is easy in more lecture-based classes. Girls can express themselves with their laptop covers and backgrounds.

Those are the great things about this new technology, but what are the downsides? Well for one, one has to always bring her computer to school charged.  Reading dense texts on ones laptop can be extremely difficult at times, and often results in one falling asleep.  Also the constant fear of a computer malfunction, or even worse, dropping your laptop.  The MacBooks might give us tiny heart attacks from time to time, but the laptops have brought Oakland Catholic further into the 21st century and help us stay connected.  Google Images