From the President’s Desk

Reilly Walsh '16 and Grace Doerfler '18, Staff Writers

Big plans are in the works at Mrs. Kasunic’s desk. Oakland Catholic’s president is busy working on a multitude of new ideas for our school community and preparing to unveil them so that we as students can reap their benefits. Because we are not involved in all of the tasks that go into developing the latest opportunities available to us, we often do not realize the extent to which our administration goes to create the best academic and social experiences. However, from the president herself, we have gotten an insider’s glimpse into all of the effort that is put into Oakland’s most recent endeavors.

Beginning with what is obviously one of the most crucial aspects of a successful school, education, Mrs. Kasunic highlighted current advancements being made with intellectual courses and programs. A program that has recently been opened up to Oakland Catholic women is Carnegie Mellon University’s Girls of Steel robotics program. For those who have not yet had the chance to get involved in this, but who would like to do so, the application process will be opening up soon and, with all of the intelligent girls who make up our student body, the school would like to see at least five girls be accepted into this competitive, challenging program. Continuing with the emphasis on opportunities in the field of science, Carnegie Mellon University has a group of students who have begun visiting the school occasionally to teach students about various engineering and computer-related skills such as coding. These “mobile labs” are coordinated by Mr. Graner. Regarding technological growth in the classroom, this spring students will likely be given options to enroll in elective classes such as AP Computer Science. Mrs. Kasunic says of the opportunities for OC students on the horizon, “Technology should not have barriers” based on gender; the women of Oakland Catholic are being encouraged to break into the male-dominated fields of computer science and engineering. While it is vital that we as females assert our ability to thrive in science and math, as well as in the field of technology, that does not mean that the significance of other subjects such as history, English, and art will fade. A former leading lady, also the mother of a graduate, had an idea this past fall to bring original pieces of art into school on a regular basis and build up art conservation trust. These artworks would be hung on the second floor of our main building and hopefully  engage students, who would have a say in which pieces are displayed.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Kasunic has abundant ideas about how students can get more involved with the Oakland Catholic community. This spring, a presentation by alumni and leading ladies, 5 Women, 50 Years, was hosted by the Joan of Arc Society juniors to give students a glimpse of post-high school lifestyles in different stages of life after graduation. These women serve as leaders and want to interact with and positively affect their communities.  Additionally, Mrs. Kasunic will continue to host President’s Think Tank sessions so that the student body is better connected with goings-on in the President’s Office. Just as the input and awareness of current students is important, so is the involvement of our alumnae. Oakland held its first alumnae Mass and brunch the Sunday before this past Thanksgiving and after its success, it will continue to be held in the years to come.

Because many people get engrossed in the day to day operations of Oakland Catholic, they tend to overlook the efforts of school administrators to secure a prosperous future for the school. The school’s Board of Directors works hard to create long-term visions for our future and Mrs. Kasunic hopes to make parents and students alike more aware of what these plans are and how they are carried out. Lastly, Mrs. Kasunic revealed that a new principal should hopefully be in place by the end of this spring. The search has been long, but with reason — to ensure that the chosen candidate shares the vision of school, is collaborative by nature, has technological competence, and values being strong across the board educationally. In the President’s Office, plans for how to make the OC community better are constantly germinating.