OC App Feedback


Courtesy of Google Images

A few weeks ago, Oakland Catholic launched its mobile app. Many members of the Oakland Catholic community were very excited about the app, which can help students, parents, and faculty stay updated on OC events through their mobile devices. The app features the latest OC news, a calendar with important dates, links to Oakland Catholic’s social media accounts and PlusPortals, and a gallery of photos and videos. Users can even send in pictures taken at school events or activities through the app. The OC community can also get alerts about school closings and delays through the app. The app is free and available on both Android and Apple devices.

     A survey, made through Google Forms, was sent out to all students to see what they really thought of the new app. 9 questions presented interesting data as well as many insightful comments. 175 students took the survey, and  30% of people who got the app were Freshmen; 33% were Sophomores; 17% were Juniors; and 20% were Seniors. About 45% of the students who took this survey currently have the app, 27% don’t, 17% used to, and 13% are planning to get it. Out of the people who deleted the app, 33% did it because they didn’t like it and 66% because they needed space on their phone.

     70% found the app helpful, while 30% didn’t find it helpful. When the survey asked how the person taking the survey would describe the app, about 47% said the app was either good or awesome, 40% said the app appeared average, and 13% said the app  could be better. One question asked students to rate the app on a scale from 1-5 (1 being the worst score and 5 being the best score), and 90 people said it was a 3; 59 people said it was a 4; 15 said it was a 5; 10 said it was a 2; and only 1 person said it ranked as a 1. Based on these findings, we can deduce that the app was mostly considered average or good in the minds of students.

     A comments section was added to the survey, asking students if they thought anything should be added to the app or if they had any additional comments. Comments concerning possible additions to the OC App included an Edmodo section, a link to the CCW sign up page, a list of teachers’ emails, a readable lunch menu, and an OC Eagle Eye section (nice!). Other random comments or concerns included having more updated pictures, that the app be more organized, and that the app gain a spirit point ranking. Many students remarked that the app takes you to the Oakland Catholic website and the app itself is just like the website, but in app form.  A few students suggested that the OC App needs to be updated so it is actually formatted like an app. One student says, “all the app is doing is advertising the school, and we all already go there anyway.” These are all great comments from the OC girls. Hopefully their feedback, positive or negative, will help to improve the app!