Campus Ministry 2015

Madeline Mustin '19, Staff Writer

OC’s campus ministry, led by Ms. Farrell, has been off to a very successful start. Many returning students, as well as new freshmen, have contributed to the different meetings and community service opportunities that have taken place so far. Also various prayers and ideas have been exchanged between the members. The school year started off with a bang of success, and the campus ministry participants have and will continue to help it go out with one.

One of the biggest accomplishments of OC is the campus ministry’s Thanksgiving Drive. Each year, OC strives to do its best in assisting the needy by donating food for charity. However, this year there was a slight change. Instead of donating food, OC created hygiene kits, since personal hygienic items are always being asked for. These kits included everything from toothbrushes to washcloths. OC is proud to have had one of the most successful drives this year. Each homeroom was required to prepare four kits, but many went beyond that amount. The top three homerooms were given a prize, but that was not the only reason why we contributed so much. During such a festive and cheerful time of the year, OC also helped support and bring up the morale and dignity of the needy people. Well done ladies!

Community service was not to be overlooked either. OC’s campus ministry has been consistently helping out at four places during the average school week. Maria Goretti’s After School program is a great place where students can teach and play with younger children. Another favorite volunteer opportunity is the Schenley Gardens Assisted Living Home where students plan activities for the elderly. The Bethlehem Haven Women’s Shelter is a place where meals are prepared and served to different women, and Power Packing is an event where backpacks are filled with food for children in need. These service opportunities are all great ways to have fun with collaborative volunteer work, and once again, you help bring joy and dignity to the people you are serving.

Whether or not students were making a prayer card, planning retreats, serving the community, or creating new ideas and projects, the campus ministry has done an excellent job so far in serving God and others. Each year, we continue to bring pride to OC because of our gradually increasing success. OC’ s campus ministry truly are demonstrating OC’s primary virtues of spirituality, scholarship, and service, and we will all continue to contribute to one of the best school years yet!