Up & Coming: RadiOC

Zoya Domashnev '18 , Multimedia Editor

What do Hamilton, two guys from a radio show, and plenty of eagle jokes have in common? Oakland Catholic’s new Podcast team, of course!  With leader Gabby Moran (‘17), students explore areas of interest of our students, go beyond the expectations of what’s to be discussed, and record in-house audio of across-table discussions with the assistance of two members of the Saturday Light Brigade.  

Tad Wissel and Jon Bindley work at the Saturday Light Brigade (SLB), a public radio show airing Saturday mornings on 88.3 WRCT in Pittsburgh.  On recording days, Jon and Tad come with microphones and headsets and six girls sit around desks and discuss that week’s topic.  With some editing magic on Adobe Audition, finished audio works get published to Youth Express’s live stream and Soundcloud.

Youth Express, a 24/7 teen-run live stream as a part of the SLB, publishes all the recorded episodes.  You can catch RadiOC live on www.youthexpress.org every Monday at 5pm or anytime on-demand at www.soundcloud.com/youthexpress.