Freshman: A Semester In


Daniela Watkins '19, Staff Writer

We are already over a semester into the school year. For some of us, it’s our very first half year of high school..   Being one of those people myself, I would like to share how the high school experience has been so far.  To be completely honest, the first couple weeks felt like a scramble for friends.  Everyone was asking for each other’s instagrams and planning when they would hang out.  Everyone was just trying to form their friend groups.  Even though everyone has their own friend groups, everyone is friendly with each other. Having friends is all great and grand, but this is school. The learning experience at Oakland is in my opinion is very successful.  Everyone had built up the expectation of difficulty so much, which makes it seem easier.  Freshmen have also jumped right in with the rest of the school in spirit.  A lot of the freshmen enjoy going to the central football games, participating in sports and other activities, and cheering for our class during the pep rallies.  So overall, it’s been pretty great so far, and hopefully it continues throughout the rest of our high school experience.