Interview with the VP

Oyinkan Adebajo '20, Staff Writer

OCHS was lucky to gain a new team member in the administration this past year. Mrs. Modarelli is an able and dedicated assistant principal to Mrs. Greco, our principal, and has worked hard so far this past year to promote our values of scholarship, spirituality, and service. Oynkan Adebajo was fortunate enough to be able to interview Mrs. Modarelli, and below is a transcript of what they discussed:

Oyinkan: How do you like Oakland so far?

Mrs. Modarelli: It’s been an awesome transition and everyone has been welcoming. It’s been great and I’m super blessed to be here.

Oyinkan: Where were you before Oakland?

Mrs. Modarelli:  I was at Urban Pathway Charter School in Downtown, Pittsburgh. I worked as a psychologist.

Oyinkan: Could you tell me some information about your childhood and what you liked to do? Where did you grow up?

Mrs. Modarelli: I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and went to Catholic schools my whole life. I was also a dancer and danced all throughout college as a ballerina.

Oyinkan: What majors did you take during college and how have they helped you with your life?

Mrs. Modarelli: I majored in psychology and minored in business. I also mastered in education, and all of my diverse backgrounds have prepared me for the job of assistant principal since no two days are the same and I wear many hats.

Oyinkan: What are you looking forward to at Oakland this year?

Mrs. Modarelli: I look forward to getting to know all students and see what they are learning, and also being able to partake in the fun activities Oakland has to offer.

Oyinkan: Have you always been an assistant principal?

Mrs. Modarelli: This is my first official Assistant Principal title, I previously worked with special needs students.

Oyinkan: What do you think about Oakland’s students?

Mrs. Modarelli: Everyone is motivated, respectful, and studious, I’m always amazed at the talents of them all.