2016 National Honor Society Induction


Zoya Domashnev '18, Multimedia Editor

National Honor Society, or NHS as many of us know it, is, according to the organization’s website, “the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.”  By taking on challenges and achieving excellence in academics, extracurriculars, and volunteer work, Juniors and Seniors can prove their eligibility to be accepted into NHS.  

This year, about 40% of the junior class and a handful of seniors were inducted into National Honor Society.  All 70 or so of us had gathered in the Aux Gym on November 17, 2016 30 minutes before our NHS Induction.  Everyone was happy to see each other, there were hugs being exchanged and compliments being given on each other’s outfits.  There is some positive vibe that comes along with being in school outside of school hours.  After 30 minutes of Mrs. Rinkacs (English Dept.) lining us in clusters of 10 in alphabetical order, at 7:00pm on the dot she yelled “It’s showtime, ladies!”  And we were off out of the Aux, into the Donahue, and down an aisle which separated rows of seating filled with my classmates’ and my own parents, siblings, and grandparents.  We all sat in our clusters, and the Induction ceremony began.  We began the ceremony the way we begin all things at OC: in prayer.  Following the opening prayer, Mrs. Greco and Dr. Doerfler gave wonderful and heartwarming opening speeches.  Following their speeches, seniors Lauren Finikiotis, Kat Daigle, Gabby Moran, and Kristen Deasy each gave a speech regarding one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society, respectively: scholarship, service, leadership and character.  Each girl delivered her speech with a poise and confidence that was clearly a reflection of all four pillars of the qualities of National Honor Society members.  

Following the moving speeches, each new inductee proceeded to the front to receive her certificate from Dr. Doerfler and stole from Mrs. Greco.  Dr. Doerfler ended the night with final remarks, and all the new members of the National Honor Society processed out of the DP to meet their family and friends for cookies, lemonade and, of course, pictures.  The night had been an ultimate success, full of moving speeches and proud accomplishments.  At the end of the night, 70 girls proceeded home with a sense of pride, but also a newfound sense of scholarship, service, leadership and character.