The Unsung Heroes of OC: Mrs. Devinney

The Unsung Heroes of OC: Mrs. Devinney

Francesca Vella ’17, Staff Writer

If there’s one person around Oakland Catholic who plays an influential role in our high school years, it’s Mrs. Devinney.  She always knows what’s going on, writes us passes when we come in late, and gives us a friendly smile or wave any time we go past the main office. Here’s the story of what Mrs. Devinney does on a daily basis in the office and what she does when she’s not at OC.

How long have you been working at Oakland Catholic? 

“19 years—it has gone by so fast!”

Give us an idea of what your day-to-day life at OC is like.

“From the moment I walk in the office, it is constantly busy. I answer questions, help students and parents, take care of sick students, answer the phone, and talk on the intercom.  I enjoy greeting everyone with a smile or friendly hello.”

What is it like working alongside your sister, Mrs. Ceponis, every day?

“Great; we help each other all day.  She is a great role model as my co-worker and, most of all, as my sister.  She knows the school inside and out, and OC is blessed to have her—and so am I!”

How do you remember everyone’s names so well?!

“I think it is so important to greet everyone by their name and to get to know them.  It is also important for me to get to know their parents as well.  So many times I know the parents when they call just by their voice!”

What is your favorite part about working at Oakland Catholic?

“Being a ‘mom’ to over 500 girls every day!  It is the best feeling to be a mom to my own four children, which is what I always wanted to be, and now I get to do it with the girls at OC every day.  Sharing a smile, giving a wave to girls as they pass by the office, or just helping in any way I can—I want to make every day a ‘happy day.’”

Tell us about your family.  Did all your children go to Oakland/Central Catholic?

“I could talk forever about my family!  I had a wonderful family growing up and now I have my own family of which I am so proud.  My husband, Danny, and I are very happily married for 40 years this coming July.  It has been wonderful to share our lives together and to have four children that we are so proud of.  My children are Alicia (OCHS ’04) who is married to Cody and they now have a little girl, Eliza Mary, born on July 16, 2016—my first grandchild.  Danny (CCHS ’05) has been married to Kelsey for three years and is a master mechanic for Ford, Sean (CCHS ’06) is a special education teacher in the Highlands School District, and Bridget (OCHS ’08) is a registered nurse in the Step Down Unit at West Penn Hospital.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Spend time with my family. I just can’t seem to get enough of them!  Babysit my granddaughter, cook, entertain, dance (Danny and I love to dance!), travel, shop, and live life to the fullest!”

Thank you, Mrs. Devinney, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us some insight into your daily life. We appreciate everything you do for us!