Dancing with the Eagles

Kara Puszko ‘18, Features Editor

Oakland Catholic is preparing for the annual semi-formal dance, which will be held on December 17th. The dance this year will definitely get everyone into the Christmas spirit, with “Walking in an OC Wonderland” as the theme. Most girls have already bought their dresses and started making plans for the dance, but some are still faced with a decision that many students worry about: to invite a date or to go without one.

Of course, girls in relationships don’t have to worry about asking a date, but many girls whose friends are in relationships feel pressured to have a date so they aren’t the odd one out. When girls invite boys to dances because they are pressured to do so, it often results in awkwardness, especially if it is your first school dance.  If it is your first semi-formal, it is much less awkward to go in a group of your friends. Many girls enjoy going by themselves or in a group of their friends because they do not have to worry about slow dances with their date, they have more freedom to hang out with whomever they want, and it is overall more “chill.”  However, if you do have a guy friend and you want to invite him to the dance, it is still fun to ask someone and have a date. It is also a great way to create a group of friends at Central that you and your girlfriends can hang out with outside of school.  OC’s semi-formal is one of the best events of the school year, and it is sure to be a blast with or without a date!