AP Classes: The Opinions of OC Juniors

Greta Parr '18, News Editor

As most of us know, junior year is the first time you can enroll in and take AP classes. They’re known for being incredibly stress-inducing but also incredibly enriching courses.

I interviewed 5 fellow juniors — Bella DeRiso, Zoya Domashnev, Katarina Mico, Angeline Pho, and Julianne Sorek — who are taking different AP classes offered to juniors, to find out how they feel about these advanced classes.

What AP classes are you taking?

ZD: AP Calculus, AP English Language and Composition, and CE Physics

AP: AP Lang and AP US History

KM: AP Lang and AP Calc

JS + BD: AP Lang

What have you gotten from the class? Right now, do you think it was worth it? Do you regret taking it?

ZD: I feel like I have gotten a more substantive education and a deeper understanding of the topics I’m learning. I totally don’t regret it — I feel like I’m really learning and I care about what I’m learning.

AP: By taking these academically challenging courses, I’ve enabled myself to “learn how to learn” and think critically when approaching difficult tasks like in-class essays.

KM: I feel like I’m learning a lot of valuable skills from AP Lang. Writing is not my strong suit, so it’s definitely challenging for me, but I believe it’s strengthening my writing skills for the better, and it will make writing easy for me in the future. As for AP Calc, that’s really challenging for me because there are so many concepts and formulas that need to be memorized.

JS: In taking AP Lang, I have learned how to better analyze and understand text to find a deeper meaning. I’ve definitely honed my writing skills and passions by taking this class, and I definitely don’t regret it.

BD: I’ve experienced a classroom full of female critical thinkers who aren’t afraid to speak about their thoughts and ideas. I think it was definitely worth taking and I think it has helped prepare me even more for college.

How do you feel about the looming AP exam(s)?

ZD: I mean, I feel like everyone does about AP exams — regardless of how prepared you feel: *dun-dun-dun*

AP: I am (obviously) nervous, but I feel like I’m more prepared than I was at the beginning of the year thanks to these classes.

KM: For the AP Lang exam, I’m really scared because I tend to freeze up and lose my train of thought when I’m writing on a time constraint in class. For AP Calc, my teacher is setting us up so we have six weeks to prepare for the exam, so the reassures me a little. However, I’m still a little uneasy because I want to be able to get into higher (than calculus) level math courses in college.

JS: I feel fairly confident with a tad bit of inevitable nervousness, but I’m certain that this class and the teacher I’ve had have prepared me very well for the exam in May.

BD: The AP exam makes me incredibly nervous, but I think by the time I take it I’ll be fully prepared and completely ready.

AP courses are not something to be taken lightly, but at OC we’re well-prepared to help students through the classes and exam. The courses are worth taking—as these juniors have proven—and they’re definitely worth the effort.

**Responses may have been edited for length and clarity.**