Annie: Freshman First Impressions

Annie Snyder '21, Staff Writer

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The first year of high school is a big deal for a teenager, and the new freshman class has just begun their first year here at Oakland. My freshman year has been really great so far. From my homeroom to football games, I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. I really enjoy my teachers and classes, and I am excited for the next four years!

I have learned to appreciate the CCWs because they give me a chance to go to classes and do fun things with friends I don’t normally have the chance to do in class. They also make every period shorter, which I think every student can agree is a blessing! I still need to get used to the 39-minute class periods with five minutes in between. It isn’t as easy to mentally countdown to the end of each class as the 45-minute classes I had at my middle school. Of course, the lunches are even better than I expected and much better than middle school.

I asked my friends a little bit about their new experiences here to add a different perspective. Scout Conley said, “It is a more challenging experience than middle school has been, but I am excited to be able to be in school with my friends from other schools, be busy, learn new things, and make new friends.” Riley Knecht added, “I really like Oakland. These first four weeks have been very exciting. I have been meeting new people, the classes are different, there are so many options of sports and clubs, and the lunches are really good.” Sarah Berger laughed, “Judy’s cookies wouldn’t be half as good without my dearest friends I sit with at lunch.” Catherine Chung ended with a great point, “The atmosphere of Oakland Catholic and the surrounding area has exceeded my expectations for high school, and I’m really happy here.” Starting high school is a major milestone in a teenager’s life. Oakland Catholic welcomed a new freshman class that is ready to face the future and take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead.