Meghan: Freshman First Impressions


Meghan Pavlick '21, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, I started my freshman year at Oakland Catholic. So far, it has been a very positive experience for both my classmates and me. One major aspect of this school that is different from my grade school is the fact that this is an all-girls high school. Going into the year, I had imagined that this would be a very significant change that I would get used to eventually. After speaking to some upper classmen, they all stated that the all-girls environment took a long time to get accustomed to. I, however, was completely used to this change by the end of my first week of high school. The environment here is so much more positive and uplifting than other high schools I visited as well as my grade school since this is a very accepting place to be. All of the girls here do their own thing and they are all so unique and accepting which is what makes this school such a positive learning environment.

Another aspect that is very striking is the number of stairs that I have to climb to get to my classes. For example, I have to go from English on the top floor of the J building to World History on the top floor of the main building for my ninth period class. This was definitely a struggle during the first week of school, but now I know the little shortcuts I can use to make my travels easier. Over the past few days I have noticed that I have built up somewhat of a tolerance for the stairs, but it is still a work in progress.

A question that I have been asked frequently from family, friends from grade school, and upper classmen is whether or not my high school experience has been overwhelming or not. So far, I am glad to report that the answer is no, high school has not been very overwhelming yet. While the amount of assignments has not been excessive, the teachers are beginning to assign more work more frequently. I do not think that overwhelming is even the right word to describe high school thus far; it is more new and exciting than anything. My first impression of Oakland Catholic is a very positive one because of all the students, teachers, and faculty that have helped me to adjust to this new phase of my life.