Mixing it up with the Freshmen

Glenys Kenny Howell '21, Staff Writer

On September 23rd, I went to the freshman mixer at Central Catholic. It was a lot different than I expected, but in a good way. There were more people than I expected, and it was definitely more rowdy. The music was turned up so loud, you could feel it in your chest. I had to shout in order for someone less than a foot away to hear me. It was crazy.

At first, everybody just stayed in their friend groups without talking to anybody else, but eventually everyone was talking to somebody that they had never seen before. The music definitely helped because everybody started dancing and the environment became less tense. By the time that half an hour had passed, there were no empty spaces and everybody was crowded together dancing and talking. What really got everybody going was the mini dance battles when a song that everybody knew the dance to started playing.

Overall, I would say that the freshman mixer was a good experience and I had a good time. I didn’t want to leave and I’m usually the first to think about going home. It was definitely a night to remember!