A further look into OC’s Fall Play: Earnestly Earnestine

Violet Wright '20, Sports Editor

On September 17th Oakland Catholic’s production of Earnestly Earnestine made it to the stage. The show was directed by a member of our staff, Ms. Jeffries, who did a wonderful job putting together a comedic and heartwarming production. The story follows a young girl named Earnestine who is sought out by her long lost great-aunt. Earnestine and her great-aunt reconnect through unlikely circumstances. Both the cast and the crew produced a wonderful play that grasped the audience’s attention through the creative set and fantastic acting.

An interview from one of the stars, Sophia Tarducci-Henry:

Is this your first play here at Oakland?

Yeah it is! This is my first year at Oakland.

What was your role?

I played the housemaid called Beulah Binns. I worked for Mrs. Witherspoon (Earnestine’s great-aunt) for 35 years. I was incredibly nosey, and always in other people business.

Were you interested in acting before being a part of this production?

Yes, I was. I’ve done the Shakespeare monologue and scene competition since the 5th grade. I’ve also been participating in school productions since grade school.

What especially interests you about acting?

Acting is what brought me out of my shell when I was younger. My mom always helped me during productions and she’s a big inspiration to me

What was your favorite aspect about being in this play?

All the people I’ve met this year. Since I’m a transfer student, the play really helped me meet new like-minded people.

Is there anything you would like to say to students considering joining the cast?

I think everyone should do it because we need more people for bigger productions! I encourage everyone to participate, especially if you enjoy acting without song and dance. It’s just a really fun experience and you meet a lot of great people because of it.