Midterms Week: A Freshman Perspective

Meghan Pavlick '21, Staff Writer

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Midterms are often associated with stress, but how did freshmen fare after facing midterms week for the first time? Oakland Catholic’s freshmen listened to the hype of midterms in the weeks leading up to exams, feeling both nervous and prepared going into the tests. Many freshmen whom I interviewed crammed for their midterms the day before, which made for a stressful day. The first day could be slightly confusing and overwhelming for freshmen, because we were unsure what to expect that day. The cafeteria was packed with students frantically studying before the first test. After each test ended, everyone crowded into the cafeteria, with many freshmen running around to hear how all of their friends’ tests had gone. Tuesday of midterms week was mentally exhausting for me and a lot of my friends.

The days that followed were full of studying, then attempting to unwind after tests every day. After talking to a lot of the freshmen, there were some tests that, in general, were considered to be the hardest. Mr. Finnegan’s World History test, for example, was one challenging test popularly labeled as “the hardest.” Mrs. Benedik’s Biology test was also difficult for many in the freshmen class. However, despite the challenges posed by the tests themselves, some freshmen thought that the week leading up to midterms was harder than the actual week because of all the material to review and all the preparation required. What with essays, projects, and tests, midterms week was tiring, but the freshmen have survived their first ever midterms week!

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