The Struggle of Second Semester Seniors


Kara Puszko ‘18, Features Editor

After a long and difficult journey, the Class of 2018 finally made it to the second half of their last year in high school. The first semester was full of college applications and acceptances, stress, and of course spending countless hours enjoying the privilege of OC’s senior lounge. Many have waited since freshman year to arrive at this point, but graduation is still a few months away. The question is, how do these seniors stay motivated to finish this semester strong?

If you’ve been accepted to your top colleges, it’s easy to be tempted to slack off in school. If you already received the acceptance letter to your college of choice, paid your deposit, and added “_____ ‘22” to your Instagram bio, why do you need to continue to work hard, study, and complete all assignments? Most colleges ask for your complete transcript at the end of the year, so make sure you don’t have any outstanding grades that aren’t as high as you’d like. Don’t waste the rest of your time here at Oakland, and keep in mind that all your hard work will pay off on graduation day!

If you’ve come this far, why give up now? We have so much to look forward to! Don’t procrastinate, complete all assignments, and prepare for tests in order to make for a stress-free, enjoyable last semester!