Farewell to the Class of 2018

Meghan Pavlick ‘21, Staff Writer

As the class of 2018 begins to say their goodbyes and clean out their lockers, the freshman class would like to wish them farewell. Although we have known the senior class for the least amount of time, they have made left a lasting impact on all of us. I have asked some of my fellow classmates to make some of their own goodbyes to the class of 2018. Hannah Hoffmann commented: “The senior class have always been such great role models to me. From leading the mission trips to telling me about new clubs and activities to get involved with, they were very supportive and a promoter of school spirit. P.S. hi Gaby.” Another wanted to thank the seniors “for being so accepting of our freshman class.”

The seniors had such a positive influence on my classmate Tess Helms that she wrote, “As an incoming freshman, it was nice to get a jump start to the experience at OC by having cross country practices before school started, where I got to meet the seniors and other upperclassmen. They all were so encouraging, and the seniors specifically brought such a vibrancy to the team. There were some seniors I got to know better who gave advice about what they learned at Oakland, and what to expect, which was beneficial. Good luck to the senior class of 2018! Many prayers are being sent your way as you leave OC and go off to college.” The Class of 2018 had an impact that spread farther than any field or court. Fellow classmate Lianna Rishel wrote a haiku dedicated to a particular artistically gifted senior. She wrote,

“Here’s a rad haiku

For the best senior I know

Design some cool stuff”.

Another ninth grader influenced by the senior class wrote, “Unlike the stereotypical, intimidating high school seniors, OC’s 12th graders helped create a welcoming environment for us freshmen, acting as role models and making an unfamiliar place unforgettable.”

Clearly the Class of 2018 has had a powerful and influential impact on the Class of 2021. We would all like to thank you for the little things that were not forgotten, like giving us directions on the first day of school and showing us the ropes. The senior class is special, from the sisters we already had to the ones we gained along the way, we thank you for your undeniable impact on the students. We wish you good luck for anything the future may hold!