The Second Annual GCI Global Showcase

Dallas Mercurio '20, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On April 24, 2018, in our very own Joan of Arc Theater and Auxiliary Gymnasium, the second annual global showcase event took place. The evening started off with keynote speaker and 2004 OC alumnae, Kate Anderson, who gave an inspirational and enticing speech about her charity work in Tanzania and South Sudan after graduating from Princeton in 2008. Ms. Anderson passionately presented the three ways that living abroad pushed her out of her comfort zone, and told fascinating, yet informative, stories about her experiences in Tanzania. The globally competent Ms. Anderson shared stories and life lessons about challenging her biases and prejudices, and realizing the power of being a good listener during her years abroad. She was the perfect keynote speaker for this event, and the OC community sincerely hopes she will come back to share more of her wisdom with us.

After the inspiring keynote presentation, the crowd progressed to the main building, where they found the aux gym set up with posters and students lining the walls. 21 seniors presented their final GCI research topics to family and friends, along with three non-GCI seniors and five juniors who discussed their experiences on the Italy leadership trip last summer. Their only aides were their beautifully designed posters, which impressively, they did not heavily rely upon to present their topics. The subjects the GCI students chose ranged from environmental crises such as air pollution in India, to social conflicts including the rise of white supremacist nationalism in Europe. Personally, I sincerely enjoyed learning about conflicts from my peers, who thoroughly researched their topics to the point of expertise, about events I heard about in the news. Each bright young lady seemed to possess a vivid interest and desire to share her topic, and they all did so with intellect and ease.

Overall, the event was a wonderful display of the hard work the seniors did during their time in the GCI program. The participating GCI seniors set the bar high for future research projects, and established themselves as competent global citizens. The 2nd annual GCI global showcase was a major success, and an event I highly recommend attending.