The Pajama Game to Chicago: Masque’s Fosse-Filled Show Seasons

Clara Albacete '19, Editor-In-Chief

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In early November, Central and Oakland Catholic Masque wrapped another successful show: The Pajama Game. The musical highlighted the talents of many students, particularly juniors Jane Fusco as Babe Williams and Annie Mihm as Gladys Hotchkiss. The Pajama Game had multiple show-stopping ensemble numbers such as “Once a Year Day,” an upbeat 8-minute number that tested the endurance of the cast, but happily resulted in a very entertaining and successful number that involved many impressive dancing tricks. Another highlight of the show came in the second act during the song “Hernando’s Hideaway.” Dancers appeared in beautiful multicolored dresses and awed the audience with an intense tango—a success resulting from many weeks of practice.

A mere two weeks after The Pajama Game’s closing night, Masque held auditions for its much anticipated spring production of Chicago. Though a bit more risqué than its predecessor, Chicago is sure to be a hit, especially in the dance department. Actually, dance is the one thing The Pajama Game and Chicago have in common—both musicals were originally choreographed by renowned dancer and Broadway legend, Bob Fosse. Fosse’s choreography is well-known in the theater world for its unique and very stylized motions. While Masque does have original choreography in many of its shows, the group has been known to do some original Broadway choreo (ex. “One” in last year’s A Chorus Line and “Steam Heat” in The Pajama Game). Even when the dances are not exactly like the original, Masque’s choreographer gets a lot of inspiration from the original show and will incorporate iconic moves inspired by the show into the musical. So with Chicago, we will be sure to see many Fosse-inspired dances and perhaps a few tricks inspired by the legend’s work.

Save the date! Chicago will be performed April 11, 12, and 13.  

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