Halloween Parade 2018: One for the Spooks!


Nyiah Lance '22, Staff Writer

This year’s Oakland Catholic Halloween Parade was filled with memes, amazing characters, and more. I can tell you, even though this was my first experience with the parade, that it was a great year for costumes.

I dressed up as Edna “E” Mode from The Incredibles. Most people didn’t realize at first, but after I told them they caught on and laughed. Coincidentally, I wasn’t the only one who adores E—Mrs. Caceres was also Edna. While walking in the parade she caught my eye; she truly was my twin!

We saw everyone from Flashback Mary (James Charles), to Lil Pump (“I Love It” music video). Some highlights were: the Phineas and Ferb cast, Central Catholic boys, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Kris Jenner, the floating things that wave in front of the car dealerships, and even the history department!

This Halloween was one to remember and I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes next year!

**Photo: seniors dressed up as the history department! From left to right: Clara Albacete as Mrs. Fratto, Sofia Heller as Mr. DeFilippo, Nina Fratto as Ms. McNulty, Kristina Rajakovich as Ms. Doyle, Cecelia Costello as Mr. Palmer, Rianna Soltis as Mr. Finnegan, Anna Fetzko as Mr. Williams