OC Paris: A Night on the Seine

Clara Albacete '19, Editor-In-Chief

This past weekend Oakland Catholic held its annual winter semi-formal dance in the Auxiliary Gym. This year’s theme was très magnifique, transporting students to the glittering city of Paris. Decorations included mini replicas of famous monuments, Eiffel Towers made of christmas lights, balloon stars, a hallway lined with famous paintings to replicate the inside of Louvre, and even the iconic lock bridge, complete with paper locks for the students to add to the bridge. The overall look of the gym and surrounding areas was very classy warranting a  congratulations to Student Council for their excellent execution of the decor.

There were a few flaws to the dance, for example, many students were disappointed with the lack of variety in music (many songs came from the same span of years) and there were a few sound mixing hiccups, however overall the audio was generally likeable. Cookies were provided by OC’s very own Judy, so, of course, they were absolutely delicious. The only thing to be modified in that area would perhaps be a wider range of foods, especially considering the theme was Paris, which resides in a country famously known for its delicious treats.

Overall this year’s OC Semi-Formal dance was a fun and enjoyable trip to the city of lights. Although there were items to be improved upon, the sparkling Parisian theme and generally amiable atmosphere made the event un succès.

Congratulations and thank you to Student Council for organizing this evening!