Spirit Week Ultimate Football

Emma Shaughnessy ’20, Features Editor

Ultimate football is the highlight of Spirit Week for many OC students. After a long week of classes, each grade looks forward to the day when they can dress up in their class color and battle it out in the Donahue Pavilion for the title of “Ultimate Football Champions.” Each year, the competition begins with games against the sister classes: juniors vs. freshmen and seniors vs. sophomores. This year, the juniors and seniors came out victorious and played each other in the finals. During this competitive match, juniors and seniors stood on the bleachers cheering their classmates on to victory. Generally, there are two halves in ultimate football, however, the finals got cut short after one half with the seniors beating the juniors 3-1. It was no surprise since the seniors win every year, some underclassmen even saying the system is rigged, but everyone has fun playing either way. Despite their loss, the juniors look forward to redeeming themselves later in March when they play the seniors one last time.