Super Seniors: Superlatives 2019

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Spirit Week 2019 launched with the traditional mass in the Donahue Pavilion followed by Senior Superlatives. Winners are chosen by popular vote by the senior class; a Google Form was sent out and students nominated their fellow peers for each category. The students that won were those that had the most votes for a particular category.

Class mom- Elli Davis

Class clown- Angie Mico

Would most like to be stranded on a desert island with – Rachael Kate Yanalitis

Most likely to succeed – Jayla Ellis

Biggest case of senioritis – Ellie Tiskus

Most likely to be named a saint – Maria Depasquale

Best smile – Amanda Vigliotti

Best personality – Caroline Richard

Always in dress code – Molly Doerfler

Never in dress code – Mackenzie Westfield

Most talented – Christina Caulkins

Prettiest eyes – Molly Ayoob

Most artistic – Mae Lucchino

Best nickname – Sofia Heller (Sheller)

Nicest hair – Brouklin Alger

Best laugh – Carleshia Broughton

Most school spirit – Kirsten Hazel

Most athletic – Anna Sproule

Best excuses- Nyla Betts

Most likely to star on reality TV- Hannah Rizk

Most likely to be a YouTube sensation- Nicole Snyder

Most likely to be President- Kennedi Wade

Most likely to shock us at the reunion- Allison Vandermolen

Most likely to come back and teach at OC – Meghan McDonough

Most environmentally conscious- Claire Pilewski

Most likely to cheer you up- Alex Ravano


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