OC’s Spirit Week Hallway Competition!

Nyiah Lance ‘22, Staff Writer

Spirit Week 2019 was a wonderful week full of fun festivities and smiling faces. To kick everything off, every class decorated amazing hallways and glass boxes. The freshman class color was pink and their hallway was full of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. Sophomores, color yellow, repped the 412 with a hallway full of Pittsburgh pride. Juniors, color red, showed their superpowers with a superhero hallway. Then last, but not least, the blue seniors gave a us a look into our childhoods with a Finding Nemo themed stairway.

Freshmen Hallway and Glass box

The freshman glass box made us all want true loves kiss.










Sophomore Hallway and Glass box



The sophomores were really “steeling” our wigs with their hallway.









Juniors Hallway

Juniors hallway, kicking butt and taking names.
Congratulations to the junior class on second place in the hallway competition and the seniors on winning first place for both the glass box and hallway competitions.











Seniors Hallway and Glass box

The senior hallway truly inspired us to, “just keep swimming.”