Looking into Jesus’s Eyes: DC Mission Trip

Looking into Jesuss Eyes: DC Mission Trip

Brigh Moffat '20, Staff Writer

Oakland Catholic offers many amazing activities and events, a few of which are mission trips. Oakland offers trips to New York, Appalachia, Jamaica, Pittsburgh, Guatemala, and Washington DC. These trips help Oakland students grow in their relationships with others, their faith, and their leadership and guidance skills. The Washington DC trip takes around 60 girls to different schools in the DC area and encourages them to leave their comfort zones and put others first.

This year, 55 girls were taken to DC, along with 6 chaperones. The girls were split up into 5 groups that went to 5 different schools throughout DC. The girls’ main goal was to create bonds with the kids, and to give the teachers some much needed extra help in their classrooms. From pouring juice and sweeping the floor, to chasing kids on the playground and tying shoes, the acts of service done on this trip may seem small, but to the teachers and kids, just having a new friend, or another set of hands, is huge. Some groups focused more on playing and becoming friends with the kids, while other groups’ main goals were to assist the teachers with whatever they needed help with. My group spent two days in a Catholic school, with grades ranging from preschool to 8th grade. The group of 14 girls that were sent to this school split up between 5 classrooms, all of which were preschool or kindergarten. Each girl helped the teachers and kids in different ways, and each small act was significant in its own way. On the third day of the trip, the groups were sent to different organizations, one of which was the Boys and Girls Club, which is where my group spent the day. Our main goal at the Boys and Girls Club was to interact with the kids and create relationships with them. We colored, played Just Dance, and even worked on homework with them. Then, my group went to the gym where we set up different obstacle courses and stations for the kids to play on. Having the kids race their friends and doing fun physical activities ensured that the kids were staying active and healthy during the day. Although we only spent one day with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, a lot of friendships were created, and it was very sad to have to leave after only a couple of hours.

Not only did we create relationships with the kids, but the 5 groups of girls all became very close with each other. Spending so much time with new people and having the opportunity to talk to girls in different grades created amazing new friendships. Everyone that I talked to about on the trip said the same thing: how they never thought they’d be friends with “her,” or that they’d never thought to have a conversation with “her.” Even so, they were so glad that they did, because now they have a whole other group of girls that love and support them from school. OC mission trips bring so many amazing people together, and the relationships that you make, or old ones that you strengthen, are the forever types of friends. Knowing that you always have that group of people is an amazing feeling.

Mission trips are an amazing experience, this trip teaches girls how to be role models to each other and the kids that they are working with. It teaches them how to be understanding of kid’s situations, and it teaches them how to treat each other. But most importantly, it teaches the Oakland Catholic Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors how to love endlessly and show that love to everyone they meet.