Saluting the Salutatorian of 2019: Molly Doerfler!

Saluting the Salutatorian of 2019: Molly Doerfler!

Dallas Mercurio '20, Assistant Editor

This year’s class of 2019 salutatorian is Molly Doerfler, a hard working, kind-hearted, and thoughtful student, whom I have the honor of calling a friend. Recently I asked Molly some questions regarding her time at OC, her well-deserved honor, and about her feelings for the future. Thank you Molly, and congratulations!

Q: How did you feel when you learned you were this year’s salutatorian?

Molly (M): I feel extremely honored to be salutatorian, and a bit bashful; I think that all of my classmates deserve recognition for their hard work throughout high school.

Q: What extracurriculars were you involved with at OC and outside of school as well?

M: At Oakland, I played on the Ultimate team and participated in JOA, GCI, Debate, Student Council, and Campus Ministry. Outside of school, I spent a lot of time at Sarah Heinz House, my Boys and Girls Club, where I competed and volunteered with the robotics teams.

Q: What is your fondest memory from high school?

M: I’ve enjoyed spending time with friends in school and around Oakland. I remember painting in the art room after school, walking to the Carnegie library, running in Schenley Park, treating ourselves to bubble tea, and dressing up in school bathrooms before evening events. When spent with friends, moments such as these can become memorable and special.

Q: Where are you going to college in the fall (major if you have decided)?

M: I plan to attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall, with a major in mechanical engineering, though I might like to add a minor or a second major in art or design.

Q: What are you most excited about at Notre Dame?

M: For one thing, I’m most excited to spend three years at the same school as my older sister, Grace. I also love learning, and I’m excited for the new opportunities that college offers!

Q: What do you think was the biggest lesson you learned here at OC?

M: I’ve learned so much at Oakland Catholic, so it’s difficult to pick out a single lesson! I have definitely learned the value of finding mentors and seeking advice from teachers and peers. High school is much more manageable with a support system and role models.

Q:  What was one major challenge you overcame during your time at OC?

M: Similarly to many of my peers, I’ve struggled to face the challenges in our community and world, especially violence, polarization, and climate change. The shooting at Tree of Life and the death of Antwon Rose made me recognize that it’s easy to respond to issues of violence and discrimination with negativity, but it’s much more worthwhile to find hope and work towards positive change.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to thank for helping you get through high school?

M: My family deserve a lot of gratitude for their love and support. I’m also grateful to my teachers for challenging me academically, helping my form my own ideas and values.

Q: What is one thing you will miss the most at Oakland Catholic?

M: When I leave Oakland Catholic, I will miss my teachers and classmates. OC is blessed to have wonderful teachers in every department, and I’ve especially loved my history, English, and science teachers. Although my classmates and I will be heading in different directions in the upcoming months, I’m grateful for the time we have shared at OC.

Do you have any closing remarks or advice for the younger students regarding high school?

I would encourage younger students to use their time wisely, and to take the classes that they want to take. I’m so glad that I took AP Studio Art this year; it made me excited to come to school in the morning to keep working on my portfolio. At the same time, I would also caution students not to place themselves under extreme pressure with coursework and extracurriculars.