Behind the Curtain: A Look Backstage At OC Theatre Group

Maya Weaver '21, Staff Writer

It’s the spring theatre season at Oakland Catholic! The Masque cast and crew have just wrapped up a highly rated production of Chicago, and now it’s OC Theatre Group’s turn to take on the stage with a spoof on Phantom of the Opera – Phantom of the Soap Opera, a play written by Craig Sodaro. As the cast and crew tackle the ominous tech week, I ventured backstage to ask some of the actresses and crew members alike about their experiences behind the scenes of OC Theatre Group.

Q: What draws you to be a part of theatre group each semester?

Maggie Hassan (actress): I just really like the idea of shows, and you make a lot of friends out of it. It’s fun to act and pretend to be someone else, and it brings a lot of people together.

Q: What are some of your favorite backstage processes involved in making the show?

Sydney Thomas (actress): It’s fun when the cast makes jokes.

Nadirah Johnson (actress): I like painting the set.

Q: How has your experience being a part of the show been different than you expected?

Nadirah Johnson: I’m still involved in the show even though I have a non-verbal role.

Q: What has been your favourite experience so far making the show?

Oyinkan Adebajo and Yang Zhou (stage managers): It’s fun helping to find and set up props and choreographing the fight scenes.

Q: Why should people go to see the theatre group’s performances?

Oyinkan Adebajo and Yang Zhou: We work very hard to put together the show. Plus, we think it’s super funny!

OC Theatre Group’s latest show looks like it will be an exciting production thanks to the bustling energy and camaraderie of the cast and crew! My interviews with many of the students involved proved just how thrilling the act of putting together a show is. The effort poured into every aspect of the process, from memorizing and delivering lines, memorizing light and sound cues, painting sets, and taking inventory of the props should contribute to a memorable show. The cast and crew has had a wonderful six weeks together building great memories and can’t wait to showcase their hard work!