An Interview with the Valedictorian: Marie Gerges!

Annie Snyder '21, Magazine Editor

The Oakland Catholic class of 2019’s valedictorian is Marie Gerges!  I recently had the opportunity to interview Marie and ask her a few questions.  Congratulations, Marie on your well-deserved honor!

Q: What sports or clubs did you participate in your years at OC?

M (Marie): I was on the OC JV soccer team freshman year, which I really enjoyed. My favorite part was bonding with the other freshman on the team, as well as meeting the upperclassmen. I did cross country sophomore through senior years, and track my freshman and junior years. I was actually on the JV crew team for a season. I’m terrible at sports, but I participate for the exercise and to be on a team.

I participated in our school’s podcast club, RadiOC, throughout my four years here. I also participated in GCI and JOA. Outside of school, I was on a robotics team called SHARP.

Q: How did you deal with the stress of balancing school work, extracurriculars, and other responsibilities?

M: I usually get at least eight hours of sleep, which I think helps to reduce stress. Sports, especially cross country, also reduced my stress by allowing me to forget about my schoolwork for a few hours every day.

Q: What classes would you recommend at OC or did you enjoy the most?

M: It’s hard to pick just a few–so many of my classes at OC were fun and enriching. I really enjoyed my history classes, as well as CE Physics and CE Chemistry. I have also enjoyed studying Chinese and French at OC.

Q: Are there any particular classes, teachers, or clubs that really developed your passion?

M: My Chinese teacher, Lin Laoshi, motivated me to take the AP Chinese exam this year. I was a bit scared to take the exam, but her encouragement made the process of preparing for it fun and enjoyable. In college, I plan on continuing my study of Chinese and would like to study abroad.

Thanks to Mr. Graner’s awesome CE Physics class, I am considering studying physics/engineering in college (see below).

Q: What are your plans for the future?

M: I am going to Notre Dame in the fall. I’m not sure exactly what I will major in (possibly a combination of physics, engineering, and foreign languages), but I hope to one day become a physician-scientist.

Q: What is you best advice for underclassmen regarding academics or just overall?

M: I tend to procrastinate on large assignments (e.g. college essays and research paper outlines), so I would recommend making a plan to tackle such assignments in smaller increments before the deadline. Also, don’t be discouraged by bad grades or suboptimal scores. Typically, a bad grade here or there won’t have long-term consequences. 🙂