The Battle of OC: Edmodo vs. Schoology

Emma Shaughnessy '20, Features Editor

This August, the Oakland Catholic administration introduced a new social networking service, Schoology, for teachers to share academic content with students. In previous years, faculty members used Edmodo, another educational network, to share assignments and important updates with students. Both sites enable teachers to communicate with their students in a virtual learning environment, however, OC administration decided to make the switch to Schoology because of the additional features offered. The switch has definitely been a culture shock for students and faculty alike. Senior Julia Murray commented, “Edmodo was the not most efficient website, but Schoology is not much better.” Many of her peers and teachers agree, and have found that Schoology complicates the uploading of assignments and often leads to miscommunication. Occasionally, teachers’ posts only appear on their computer screens, so assignments never reach their students. Students have to go into their settings to allow notifications about upcoming assignments. Taylor Cigna ‘20 noted, “No one has explained to us how to use the site, so if a teacher posts an assignment, we usually do not see it.” Additionally, submitting assignments has become a hassle for students. Edmodo was straightforward in the sense that you can upload a Google doc or Word document to one specific location in a matter of seconds. On Schoology, students have to upload assignments to different locations depending on the document type. 

But not everyone in the OC community dislikes Schoology. English teacher, Mrs. Beckler, as well as some of her fellow English department faculty members, enjoy the abundance of features available on Schoology as compared to Edmodo. Even though Mrs. Beckler struggled to navigate the website at first, she likes how her students’ assignments and grades are condensed in one place. 

Maybe students are so anti-Schoology because they are used to Edmodo, or maybe Schoology is actually worse. Either way, students have not been back to school that long, and learning how to use a foreign website is a bit of an adjustment. Regardless, the OC community is pretty divided on which academic networking site they prefer, and it does not seem like anyone’s opinions will sway anytime soon.