Spotlight on Mr. Norman!

Meghan Pavlick '21, Co-Assistant Editor

As I am sure most people have noticed, there are several new teachers that have joined the OC faculty this school year. Among them, we have a new physics teacher, Mr. Norman. While the junior class is well acquainted with him, most of the student body has not had the opportunity to learn much about him. I recently asked Mr. Norman some questions so that everyone can get to know one of our new teachers better. 

Where did you go to school before this?

I went to Juniata College, and before that to Taylor Allderdice High School.

What has been your experience teaching at an all-girls school thus far? 

Excellent. It was a bit of an adjustment, but I really enjoy it as compared to co-ed education – far fewer behavior issues. The academic abilities of my students are also higher than those of my students during my student teaching, which is a big plus.

Why physics?

I really enjoyed my physics class in my junior year of high school with Mr. Laurenson (L-dog), so I decided that inanition to taking a second physics course my senior year, I would also TA his class. I enjoyed it a lot (especially downgrading my friends 🙂 ) so I decided that I might as well stick with it in college.

What do you like to do outside of school?

Nerd stuff. I play computer games, read science fiction and fantasy books, and play the card game Magic when I’m not hanging out with my friends.

Give a brief statement about why you like ultimate frisbee so much. 

My dad played ultimate competitively for several decades, and got me into it from a young age. He also created an ultimate frisbee summer camp (Camp Spirit of the Game) which I enjoyed immensely. I played in middle school, high school and college, as well as playing summer league and for the traveling team Pulse for several years.

Have you had a favorite moment from this school year? 

I have 2. The first was seeing my students’ faces when I gave them a “test” on the first day of school. The second was getting dunked at the picnic. 

What are you looking forward to this school year? 

From everything I’ve heard about spirit week, it’s going to be awesome, so I’m looking forward to that. I also look forward to the day that I’m far enough ahead with my workload that I can spend more time helping with extracurriculars.