OC Picnic Day!

Anna Niggemyer '22, Staff Writer

Dressed in their class colors from head to toe, OC students could hardly contain their excitement for the 2019 picnic as they sat through their first three classes of the day. Before the fun began, they first practiced an evacuation drill to ensure safety in case of an emergency. Then, they stopped into the cafeteria for some delicious food, including hot dogs, potato chips, and Rita’s Italian Ice. Sophomores Nora Brennan and Chloe Cox agree that it was fun being able to sit with people they typically do not sit with at lunch and getting to meet new people. Students enjoyed their lunches while participating in various outdoor activities, such as sidewalk chalk, facepaint, and taking pictures. After lunch, the OC community gathered around to watch the Gong Show. Always entertaining, the Gong Show is a talent show performed by the students. There were so many good acts, it’s hard to pick the best. 

“Dunk the Teacher” was the alternative to last year’s “Pie the Teacher.” Since pie the teacher was so much fun last year, the standards were set pretty high, however, we were not disappointed. Students were given the opportunity to dunk a teacher with water. One of the funniest moments was when Mrs. Powell dunked Abby Usher. 

Saving the best for last, faculty, staff, and students met in the DP for the pep rally, where the school cheer was roared and the step team performed. It comes as no surprise that the step team was phenomenal. Audrey Flanagan, sophomore, recalls the step team performance and cheer, saying, “It was memorable and definitely my favorite part of the day.” She also says she looks forward to next year’s picnic and having even more fun with her friends and peers. 

Even though the school day was over, the fun didn’t stop there. The Central Catholic football team played North Allegheny that night. Despite the fact that the Vikings didn’t win, they played their best and the student section was cheering for them throughout the game. Although we’re sad the picnic is only once a year, we can all look forward to next year’s picnic where there will be even more fun.