Friendsgiving at OC

Meghan Pavlick ‘21, Co-Assistant Editor

With the holiday season upon us, the OC community recently took time to celebrate Friendsgiving during our lunch periods. Friendsgiving was a tradition that Oakland adopted last year in an effort to help students to get to know one another and talk to new people. So often we stick with our usual friend groups and this was a great opportunity to branch out. This year, our beautifully decorated cafeteria had letters on every table and we were to sit with people with similar last initials. At first, it was slightly chaotic with people trying to find the best place to sit, but once everyone got settled, conversations started everywhere. No matter who was at each table, the students bonded over the conversation starters given to us by seniors or anything else the natural conversation led to. Once again, Judy made a fantastic Thanksgiving meal and everyone was very thankful for Judy and her food. Overall, Friendsgiving was a great success and hopefully, a tradition OC carries on for years to come!