Back in Time to the “Nifty-Fifties” with OC Theatre Group

Maya Weaver '21, Staff Writer

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The minutes before OC Theatre Group rehearsals begin are like any high school play rehearsal- teenagers mill around eating snacks (or quickly grab a bite at the vending machines or a nearby restaurant), scroll through their phones, and laugh loudly with their friends. After the daily, but always exciting, sets of warmups are completed and the stage is set, the actors clamber onto the stage, flip open their scripts, and get into character to rehearse The Nifty-Fifties Malt Shop Murder by Craig Sodaro. In a matter of seconds, the stage, albeit tiny, is transformed into a quintessential fifties malt shop. Thick southern drawls, adoring references to Elvis Presley, and outdated slang echo throughout the theatre. But just as quickly as the scene is set, the actors break character, laugh about awkward stage directions, hop off stage for more snacks, and parody their favourite lines. They are having a good time and are excited to bring the charm of a small Southern town- a vibrant town filled with gossiping old ladies, silly teenagers, bumbling law enforcement agents, and a fair share of suspicious characters as the leads seek out an elusive murderer- to the bitterly cold city of Pittsburgh for just a few nights. The cast looks forward to performing a fun and goofy show thanks to the direction of Ms. Jeffries, and can’t wait to see what the OC theatre will transform into next!