2019 Fall Pittsburgh Mission Trip; Leader Perspective

Annie Snyder '21, Co-Assistant Editor

This weekend I had the opportunity to lead a group on the Pittsburgh Mission trip (shoutout team 7!)  I was super blessed to lead with one of my best friends, Mary Bertocchi, and to have my mom as our adult leader.  I had attended the fall trip for the last two years, and I truly loved the experience. I think it’s very important for Oakland Catholic to support the Pittsburgh Project and encourage our students to help the vulnerable in our own communities. The short but sweet trip offers mission work to our students without having to travel far. Mary and my big job was to come up with a game for Friday night (on pretty short notice). Still we pulled together an array of “minute to win it” mini games that included charades, tik toks, and oreos. On Saturday, team 7 traveled to help our homeowner (whose name will be kept anonymous solely for her privacy). Her story was particularly inspiring to me; she adopted twelve kids, some born drug addicted or disabled, and raised them when no one else would. Her goal in life is to make her home a safe home for youth struggling like she did.  After meeting our homeowner, we got down to business by repairing drywall, installing a railing down the stairs, and beginning to install trim in the bathroom. Saturday night was the biggest take away from the trip for me. The largely anticipated lip-sync battle did not disappoint. My group chose to impeccably choreograph a dance to “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” from Teen Beach Movie. We were robbed of our rightfully deserved title, but I’m still incredibly proud of our group.  Shoutout to the moms for learning a tik tok dance and not only performing it once, but twice! After really bonding as a group through our homeowner, work, and small group time, I felt super close to each member and that I was not only inspiring them but also that they were inspiring me. After two great talks from seniors, we began adoration and confession. For me, adoration is always really powerful and emotional, but this time it was even more special. I recognized God’s plan for me to evangelize and spread my faith, and I’m grateful to have that opportunity through mission work. Sunday we finally finished our projects and said goodbye to the Pittsburgh Project until the spring. I would highly recommend this trip for first-time mission trippers or really anyone in general.  If you have attended, be a leader! You will have so much fun while growing in God’s grace.