Sophomore Retreat

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

On November 13, the sophomore class spent the day on a retreat. The day started out with adoration and an empowering talk from Ms. Christ and President Kasunic. Then, we went to the church across the street and settled in. Our first talk was from a nurse, Liv, and she focused on how not to be a people pleaser and dumb yourself down to benefit other people. After that, we broke into small groups to discuss the talk and other things that were on our minds. During that time we had the opportunity to go to confession. It was an enriching experience and very healing. It is so nice to be able to spend time with your class and God. The last talk we had was given by Bridget Doyle, a senior. Her talk was about how being at Oakland has changed her and how she has evolved into the person she is today. We also participated in some fun activities like having a dance party during lunch and playing a song game with our groups. Finally, we ended the fulfilling day in prayer by having mass. This was an amazing experience and really rejuvenated and relaxed me and I’m so glad I went on the retreat. I can’t wait until next year.