Pittsburgh Mission Trip November 2019

The Pittsburgh Mission Trip was an experience that changed so many girls’ perspectives on each other and God. So many of us were moved by the acts we were performing to help people less fortunate than us. Helping out in different ways while painting, filling cement, building tables, laying down flooring, cleaning up, and just sitting and talking to our different homeowners moved us by seeing each other’s motivation to help others in need. While not having our cell phones, we were forced to build relationships with the people around us.  Incredible bonds were built on this mission trip. Each and every bond created during the trip, whether it was with new friends, with our homeowners, or with God, will not be forgotten. While being there, we had Eucharistic Adoration which let so many girls reflect on the last couple of months, and talk to God with no distraction. Many girls were brought to tears from the love around them, and felt so comforted in the presence of God. In the end, our first mission trip will be one we will never forget.