Senior Sunrise


Annie Snyder '21, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, October 7, the seniors came together on their day off to share some time together at the Senior Sunrise. Student Council hosted the successful event in an effort to bring together both cohorts of seniors and allow them to socialize outside. So far, the class of 2021 has struggled with the unfortunate changes prompted by the Coronavirus pandemic. With the cancellation of our junior prom, last Picnic Day, last football season, homecoming, and more, it has been really tough for us seniors to get together with one another. While this short event could not make up for all the fun we’ve missed, it was a nice reminder of how important community and sisterhood is despite the difficulties of the pandemic. Macy Worrall ‘21 said, “The Senior Sunrise was so fun! I loved seeing everyone I hadn’t seen since March, and Judy’s breakfast was so good too!” We enjoyed donuts and hot cocoa from Judy, as well as the company of our friends. The event had a huge turnout and Student Council plans to hopefully hold similar events for seniors and every grade soon! Next up is the Freshmen game night, so stay tuned for more Student Council updates.