Mrs. Anselmo Spotlight!

Hannah Werner '23

Mrs. Anselmo is a first year Spanish teacher at Oakland Catholic. She currently teaches honors, CE, and AP Spanish to all grade levels. Although she knows Spanish fluently, she did not grow up around Spanish speakers, but instead taught herself the language and learned in classes throughout her childhood. She grew up in Ohio, where most people only speak English. In 7th grade she began taking Spanish, and fell in love with learning the language. In highschool Mrs. Anselmo took every Spanish course her school offered along with one French class, and continued her love of languages by studying language in college. Mrs. Anselmo did not start off in education, but as her children were going into grade school, she realized there was a need for language, especially Spanish, teachers. She began helping out in grade schools, but wanted to teach a higher level because she knows Spanish so well. This year was her first year teaching high school Spanish and being in an all girls environment. At the school picnic in the beginning of the school year, she saw the “unbridled energy” the students have at Oakland Catholic, and instantly fell in love with the all girls environment. Mrs. Anselmo loves pushing herself out of her comfort zone, and had an amazing first year teaching at Oakland Catholic. As part of the student body, we thank Mrs. Anselmo for a great first year with us!