Spotlight on Mrs. Kearney!

Erin Price '24

This year, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many new teachers. Please welcome Mrs. Kearney, one of OC’s new math teachers. She teaches AP Calculus AB and Trig and Precalc. She has almost completed her first year here, but many students may not have her yet. Over my time with her in class, I have learned a good bit of information about her:

Mrs. Kearney graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and worked as a chemical engineer for a few years. She’s always had a love for math and teaching, and found OC through a networking system at her old college. 

She is from the midwest, and thus is not familiar with many Pittsburgh customs. Mrs. Kearney is always happy to hear about some of your favorite activities in the city! 

She has many hobbies and interests, like running. She is also looking forward to getting a dog with her husband soon. I hope we learn more about her during the rest of her time here!

Mrs. Kearney is in room 202 on the second floor of the JOA building. Stop by for some help on math homework, admire her (almost) completed Unit Circle, or stop in just to say hello!