Valedictorian ’22: Elizabeth Maier!

Valedictorian 22: Elizabeth Maier!

Haley Moreland '22, Editor in Chief

Congratulations to Ella Maier, who was named the Valedictorian of the class of 2022! On top of being named the best and brightest in our class, she has also dedicated time to cultivating hobbies and relationships. Read more about Ella below!

Q: How did it feel to be named Valedictorian of the class of 2022?

A: It was kinda nice – it was exciting. I suspected it, but it was still surreal. I was really tired when I found out, so the reaction was honestly subdued, but I’m still really proud. 


Q: What was your biggest challenge in high school?

A: Probably time management. I was very involved and I was open about how school wasn’t my top priority, but I took a lot of AP’s which helped my GPA. There were a lot of moments where I felt overwhelmed, but I got through it. 


Q: Favorite class?

A: CE Chemistry with Mrs. Sforza – she’s a gem. The class was consistent, and with everything else happening around us, it was nice that it was dependable.


Q: Future plans?

A: I’m studying mechanical engineering at Notre Dame, and possibly pursuing a minor in sustainability. It would give me a lot of freedom to work on like… independent projects that will help improve the world around me. There’s a whole lot of engineering happening in Pittsburgh, so I hope to come back here.


Q: Biggest takeaway from your OC experience?

A: Doing your best is very different from giving school an honest effort. Give school an honest effort rather than doing things just because you think you should. Do what you like!