A Cheater Never Wins!

Julia Wingard ‘18, Staff Writer

We all know that cheating in sports is clearly wrong.  Despite this simple truth, it, seemingly, happens all the time.  Whether it is a local club or a national powerhouse, young children or seasoned adults, cheating has no boundaries.  Despite the attempt to avoid work and ensure victory, when discovered, cheating can create more work than ever before, as teams need to rebuild trust, regain respect, and rebuild the franchise.

One scandal that is fairly recent is the “deflate-gate”.  A member of the locker room staff for the New England Patriots allegedly let air out of the footballs to be used in the game. This tactic would give the Patriots an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts because the balls would be easier to throw, and the Patriots ended up winning.  Soon after the game, the information went viral, but nothing was proven.  However, the Patriots have been accused of cheating in the past, so this does not help their reputation.

In an interview on January 22, Jerry Rice, a former 49ers player, accused the Patriots of the cheating in the deflating incident. Patriot fans were angry with this and later found on the internet a video of him admitting that he cheated when he was in the NFL.  Rice used stickum on his gloves during his career from 1985-2004.  He was okay with it and said, “All players did it!”  He apparently stated that his other teammates used it also.  Chris Carter, who played with him from 1987-2002, tweeted at him saying he, himself, never used it.

Although these two misconducts involve the NFL and tampering with equipment, there are many other leagues and ways in which cheating happens.  There have been many cases in which enhancement drugs were taken, like steroids in baseball.  When a person cheats he or she is not only cheating him or herself, but their fans as well, which then destroys the goodness that can be found in sports.