Oakland Catholic Rowing: Spring Training in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Marley Shovlin '15, Staff Writer

During the school’s long four day weekend in February, our crew team spent their time in Oak Ridge, Tennessee for “a rare training opportunity and a great team bonding experience.”  They started with an extensive nine-hour car ride in the lovely Oakland vans travelling to the anticipated warmth of the south. Little did anyone know, the south would be hit with “extreme” cold and snow, which is a rare occurrence.  A little cold weather did not stop the girls from waking up early each morning to go for a long technical row followed by an afternoon siesta and “online yoga”.  In the evening, the girls would then travel back to the lake and go out for another extensive row.  All in all, this was an experience the girls will always remember.  The time they spent together in itself added up to be a successful weekend of spring training.